Owl Creek Technologies

Owl Creek Technologies provides hardware & software solution for education and other uses like the upcoming

"Apollo 11: 'One Small Step For...' VR Experiences" on April 11, 2020

Other VAMR* experiences on request or later this year.


 "Only Seconds" VR application for the HTC/Vive Steam VR system

"Chatting with Vincent" a VR experience designed to immerse you into the life and works of the world renown artist Vincent van Gogh

"Breath of Forest" VR application uses a VASMERE, a psychotherapy technique to soothe & relax you in the forest.


Hardware Solutions


Find out more about the making of "Only Seconds" through an article on the 'All Things 3D' blog page titled "Why I Weaponized Virtual Reality"

*Virtual Augmented & Mixed Reality

More to come soon...