Owl Creek Technologies

"Chatting with Vincent," allows you to walk around and enjoy the bedroom Vincent van Gogh famously painted several times and described in a letter to his brother Theo.  The bedroom model is based upon the 3D model from Ruslan Sokolovski with a number of materials redone to take advantage of the Unreal engine as well addition of a new area of the room behind the view of the paining detailed from other letters, paintings and blueprints of the "Yellow house. " This version has some 3D ambient audio, Vincent whistling, as well as few other special effects and a new curved backdrop outside the window based upon images from Google Earth and stills of what Arles, France looked like in the late 19th century.


In the released version, many of the objects can be picked up along with the ability to use a paint brush and help Vincent finish the painting on the canvas seen on the easel.  There will also be other cued animations added of him walking around the room, sitting on the bed and talking to you about his life.


More to come soon...